John Jay Bonstingl
is widely regarded as a founder of the international Quality Learning movement and one of the world’s foremost authorities in the application of Quality principles and practices for personal and organizational improvement.

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Jay Bonstingl and his team work closely with a select number of clients throughout North America and around the world who have demonstrated their commitment to the Quality Journey for themselves and their organizations in the fields of business, health care, education, government, and associations.

Jay Bonstingl's pioneering articles on Quality Leadership and Quality Learning first appeared in the mid-1980s. His books have been worldwide best-sellers in several languages, and his work has been featured on television and radio around the world including CNN, C-SPAN, and "Good Morning, South Africa."

Jay's clients have included Fortune 500 companies, leading health care organizations, American schools and more than twenty ministries of education. His work focuses on helping them to identify their strengths and opportunities for greatest improvement. Through a series of proprietary instruments and activities, his clients learn how to put their strengths to work while neutralizing weaknesses and obstacles, so everyone can and will succeed.

Jay's research has shown that most organizations never reach their fullest potential. Well-intended, hardworking people and dedicated leadership are not enough. World-class leaders and their organizations know how to get sustainable results by creating the right kinds of relationships inside the organization and with their key clients, providers, and stakeholders.

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