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is a full-service international consulting firm specializing in Baldrige-based Quality solutions for world-class leaders and their organizations.

Our clients are recognized leaders in business, healthcare, education, government, and associations who celebrate their strengths as they work toward greater quality and success. We help them to prosper at every level, both professionally and personally.

Through our confidential executive coaching and consultation, seminars, workshops, and motivational and informational keynote talks, our clients reap the benefits of our thoroughly research-based expertise so they are better able to grow the relationships, environments and processes most conducive to high performance and prosperity. As a result, our clients and their organizations thrive and prosper at all levels.

Our work with leaders and emerging leaders has taken us from the corporate offices of Fortune 500 companies and world-class health-care organizations, all the way to elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms where students are learning the very same essential tools and strategies of professional networking, strategic planning, personal leadership, effective teamwork and partnership, and creative solution-finding for personal and organizational challenges.

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