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Quality Healthcare Leaders
Do you want to:

The 11 Essential Improve your capacity for overall
Characteristics of
Soldrige Quality high performance and increased
Healthcare market share while you avoid costly
Organizations: n*stakes?
0 Improve communication with your
1. Visionary Leadership clients and supp4iers?
2. Patient-Focused * Attract and keep high-quality
F-xcelience employees?
* Create rich, ongoing partnerships
3. Organizational and with business and civic leaders in
Personal Leaming
your community?
4. Valuing Staff and * Keep your board 'on board" with
Partners your organizational improvement
5. Agility inibatives?
* Build a high-performance, high-
6. Focus on the Future quality culture for your organization,
7. Managing for n-oodeled on the 11 Saldrige
InnovaMr &,,aracteristics listed to the left?
8. managing by Fact A set of powerful, high -performa n ce
9. Social Responsibility tools and strategies Is available to
and Community you and your team to help you
Health accomplish these ggals- Successful
10. Focus on Resufts and healthcare executives use Baldrige
Creating Value Quality Tools in all aspect of their
work, including planning staff
11. Systems Pempective professional development
opportunities, charting patient
progress, meetings, and a full ran" of administrative tasks.
Healthcare professionals become more effective by leaming these
simple yet powerful tools to use in their individual work and their
collective efforts. Market share kweases and costly mistakes can
be avoided through systemic planning including relevant data
collection, analysis, and applications.
Contact us today for more information on bringing Baldrige Quality Tools to your healthcare team.
our custom -desig necj Executive Leadership Retreats for health-
care profess4onal and their suppliers and clients are created with
Baldrige Quality Tools, which we teach our participants how to use
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