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The 11 Essential Characteristics of Baldrige Quality Schools and School Systems:
1. Visionary Leadership

2. Learning-Centered
3. Organizational and Personal Learning
4. Valuing Faculty, Staff, and Parents

5. Agility

6. Focus on the Future
7. Managing for Innovation

B. Managing by Fact

9- Social Responsibility

10. Fcicis or R~-z-:jlt-: ar-ici
Creating val,je

11. Systems Perspective
Do you want to:
* Significantly raise student achievement, including test scores? * Improve relations internally and with parents and families? * Attract and keep high-quality teachers and administrators? * Create rich, ongoing partnerships with business and civic leaders in your community? * Keep your school board "on board" with your school improvement initiatives? * Build a high-performance, highquality culture for your school or school district, modeled on the 11 Baldrige characteristics listed to the left?
A set of simple yet powerful, highperformance tools and strategies is available to you and your team to help you accomplish these goals. Successful school and district administrators benefit from using
Baldrige Quality Tools in all aspects of their work, including planning faculty inservice, parent meetings, and a full range of administrative tasks. Teachers and counsellors become more effective by learning these simple yet powerful tools to use in the classroom. The most successful students are those who also use these tools to improve their potential for learning and achievement at high levels.
Contact us today for more information on bringing Quality Tools to your administrative team, teachers, and students.
Read about our national Expanding Learning Potential program,
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Our custom-designeci Executive Leadership Retreats for school administrators, school boards, and business partners are created with Baldrige Quality Tools, whict) .\,e teach our participants how to
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