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Quality Data Teams
"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion, " a colleague of ours is fond of saying. When the people of an organization work together to collect, analyze, and learn from relevant information, they are better able to create a working environment of higher productivity, greater satisfaction, and increasing prosperity for all.
Quality organizations ask four essential questions to guide
their progress: What is our core business? What do we mean by success? What"s getting better, and how do we know? What*s not yet getting better, and how do we know?
Quality executives who are serious about maximizing their own potential as leaders regularly focus on these questions with their people. Executives who do not bring teams of workers together at all levels to study these questions are left to rely on guesswork.
Many executives who fail to institute data teams at every level of their organizations discover (often too late) that they have relied on assumptions, rather than facts, to guide their progress. And that, unfortunately, can be fatal.
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