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Quality Branding
Your good name is your fortune, the old axiom says, and it's more true today than ever before.
But the good name of your organization is only as good as your clients, employees, and stake-holders say it is.
You dont control your brand. They do.
How can you ensure that your brand's high value will be even higher tomorrow than it is today? It comes down to one key word: Relationships.
The value you put into your relationships those inside your organization and those with your external customers and suppliers - will determine the value of your brand.
The more you appreciate them, the more your brand's value will appreciate. It's what we call the "'Value Appreciation Spiral": As you value those in your sphere of influence, your value will increase in their eyes exponentially.
Most organizations fail in this, but not for lack of trying. People come to work wanting to do a good job, wanting to be known for the high quality of their work.
But most people also come to work with their own mental pictures of themselves and the "right" way to do their jobs. They may operate primarily on assumptions, rather than on a set of expectations and protocols aligning everyone's efforts with the organization's understood mission, values, vision and aims. How many people work in your team? That's how many sets of assumptions there may be about the way things should be done.
Top-performing organizations such as the twice Baldrige Award-winning Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company understand how vitally important ongoing, daily Quality-focused training is for all employees, in the process of building a world-class market-leading brand.
Let us help you and your team to build a truly appreciative organizational culture, one that will help your brand grow greater in value each and every day.
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