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Executive Leadership RETREATS
Do you want your next leadership or board retreat to be a success in helping you to move your organization forward? Let us custom-design your retreat for you. We will work with you and your team to choose the most conducive site for your retreat. Our pre-planning session will determine your intended outcomes, based upon a clear understanding of your vision,
mission, and values.
Your retreat will benefit from object-lve facilitation by Jay Bonstingl and his team, who are experienced in helping executive leadership teams and board members navigate the often tricky waters of strategic planning and organizational growth and
As a result, your organization will have a clearer focus on what's really important for achieving the highest levels of productivity and prosperity for all stakeholders, and you will have a better road map for getting where you want to go.
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Read an article by Jay Bonstlngl with helpful Ideas to keep in mind when you plan your next leadership or board retreat.
Quality-focused business leaders may also be interested in a unique sponsorship opportunity to benefit their community's schools. Bonstingi Leadership Development offers student leadership development retreats to select school systems across the USA. The program is called Leaders for the Future. Consider being a corporate sponsor and bring the program to your community's young people. Your company will reap public relations benefits and possible tax advantages as a direct result of your generosity. Plus, you will know that you have done something great for kids'
Read more about our Leaders for the Future program t)y
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