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Leaders for the Future
Student Leadership Development for
Service Learning & Character Education
out- yi-)jng pi,,ople rii~ p,,-f~paii-,cl ti--,r E-ttEcti,,,e leadership as adults? Are we preparing them to succeed in their early careers, in tne highly cgmpetltlve Quality-fGcused global marketplace of ideas, products, and human talents? will they be able to successfully taclde problems and maximize their opportunities at work, at home, and in their communities? Will they learn how to develop good character tratts and serve others as act)ve contnbutors to the betterment of their communities?
LEADERS FOR THE FUTURE is a research-based project designed to give students at all gi,ade levels - elementary through high school a unique opportunity to learn the essential skills and abilities they will need for success in school and In later life. Based on the Quality philosophy and the leading-edge research of The 5earcti institute, students learn real-world skills such as teamwork and collaboration, creative problem-solving, critical thinking, data collection and analysis. They develop the ability to listen actively, to make effective public presentations, and to resolve dilemmas in ways that benefit everyone. This project is based on John Jay Bonstlngl's groundbreaking bestselling book Schools of Quality (3rd edition, Corwin Press, 2001) with more than a quarter-million copies now in circulation worldwide.
In our LEADERS FOR THE FUTURE Project, we conduct on-site student team traininci in the skills, tools, and strategies of Quality Improvement. Our student teams explore real-life problems facing the school from their own vantage point and those of the pnncipal and other school leaders. Student teams collect appropriate data and apply Quality tools and processes to the resolution of those problems. They then make formal presentations to the administration, sharing their solutions and the processes they followed in arnving at those solutions.
The LEADERS FOR THE FUTURE Project also engages student teams In similar problem-solving experiences with service organizations, as well as with the school's business partners where the students are Involved In job-shadowing, interviewing, and other experiences that bring them into the real world of business and the community.
Business partners and service organizations are encouraged to sponsor a student team for the cost of the training. If you are a Quality-focused, civic-minded business executive, consider the benefits of donating this training to your community's schools. You will reap public relations benefits and community goodwill, and you may enjoy tax benefits as well.
AJso consider bringing our unique Quality Leadership Training directly to your own company or organization through custom-designed programs conducted on-slte or off-site at a lo-cation of your choice.
For more information about our LEADERS FOR THE FUTURE Project for your schgols, as well as our aduit-focused leadership development programs for business partners and your community, please contact us today. We look forward to the pleasure of hearing from you!
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