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Benchmarking America's Best
Do you know how America's very best companies, healthcare organizations, and schools achieved their world-class status? What are the secrets of their success?
Benchmarkng America's Best is a unique five-day tour of Baldrige and Quality Award-winning organizations, specifically designed for a select number of Quality-focused CEOs and their executive teams who are dedicated to leading their organizations to the highest possible levels of performance and prosperity.
We start our tour at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, recipient of two Baldrige Awards in the service category, where we explore how this world-class business ranks among the highest customer and employee satisfaction levels in the hospitality industry.
With our home base at the Ritz-Carlton, we will take day trips, visiting other Quality Award-winning organizations in the healthcare, education, and manufacturing sectors. As we tour their facilities we will confer with their top leaders, who will share with us the steps they took on their organization's journey to the top.
You and your executive leadership team will take home a wealth of information and insights, as you apply your discoveries directly to the improvement of your own organization's culture, systems, and processes.
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