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Recent research suggests that the bridge between middle school and high school is one of the most critical periods in a young person's life. For many students, 9th grade represents a fork in the road. One pathway leads to success, but the other trail is one of increasing disillusionment, cynicism, alienation and withdrawal.
Many of our young people are clearly on the right path. Some are not. Do we know which ones need our intervention? Do we, and their families, always see the warning signs7
Our Ninth Grade Success (9GS) initiative is designed to make sure that all of our high school students can look back on their 9th grade experience as a time when they learned how to belong, how to think and study more effectively, how to work through problems in a positive way . . . as a time in which they found strong, caring adults who mentored them through this often difficult and challenging transition.
The concept behind Ninth Grade Success is quite simple. In order to make sure that all 9th graders succeed, every high school faculty member becomes a Student Advocate for three or four 9th graders, taking them under his or her wing for the entire school year. Student Advocates meet with their mentees and their parents during the summer, establishing good, positive relations between families and the school. During the school year, Student Advocates meet on a frequent, regular basis with their mentees and keep track of their progress. Student Advocate Teams comprised of four or five Student Advocates - also meet on a regular basis for planning and mutual support,
In this way, students who show signs of trouble receive immediate intervention through a coordinated effort between the teachers, administrators, parents and families.
Those teachers who do not teach 9th graders give Ninth
Grade Success their support because they will have these students in their classes in coming years. They support it because it makes sense.
Ninth grade teachers support the 9GS program because they see the positive effects this initiative has on students' focus, motivation, self-discipline, personal responsibility, and academic achievement.
Administrators support Ninth Grade Success because it results in greater support and cooperation with students and their families, and with the community as a whole.
Parents support this initiative because it enables them to be actively involved in their children's lives at school and at home.
Most of all, young people support 9GS because they know it is designed to meet their individual, personal needs at a difficult time in their lives.
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