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Superintendents, school administrators, teachers, board members, business and civic leaders, and others who are dedicated to creating a true Quality culture in our schools to optimize achievement are invited to become members of the ASCD Quality Education Network. This global Network is sponsored by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, The Center for Schools of Quality, and Bonstingi Leadership Development.
Network membership is free. Simply send us an email requesting membership for you and your school, district or organization. Include your name and position, and the name and mailing address of your school or school system, and your office phone and fax numbers.
Membership Includes a free consultation to help you and your team to determine the best way to build upon your current strengths and create a true culture of Quality, so that everyone can and will
Network members also receive a special invitation to the Quality Education Network session at the annual ASCD convention, where Quality experts share their research on "what works best" to maximize student achievement.
Contact us today for more information about the Network, or to schedule a free consultation.
For more information about the National Quality
Superintendents Retreat